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Our Supplies

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Pool & Spa Supplies

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Supplying facilities across the UK

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Alzach has all the supplies for your wet leisure facility needs.

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If you’re looking for parts and supplies for your pool construction, spa construction or any wet leisure facility construction, we can help. Products4Pools Ltd are an Alzach company that has been supplying wet leisure facilities throughout the UK since 2011.

We’ve also had an exclusive partnership with ‘Caldera Spas’ since 2018. As an authorized Caldera Spa dealer we are able to source the most trusted hot tub brand worldwide. Caldera Spas are an award-winning brand providing the best performance hot tubs, each with pure comfort and a slick-crafted signature design.

Another Alzach partner is ‘All Water Pumps’, a provider of top-grade commercial and domestic pumps for both swimming pools and spas.

We work with both commercial bodies and private individuals. Feel free to contact us with any queries you may have regarding your current or future wet leisure facility.

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